Why Apparel Fabrics Matter

We produce more than 400,000 organic cotton and linen garments every year. Here's what this means for the health of the planet and farm workers.
We skip chemicals: Flax seeds are not pretreated with fungicides; early spring shoots are not sprayed with pesticides; petroleum-based fertilizers and herbicides are not used; workers are not exposed to hazardous chemicals. We're reducing our impact even further: At harvest, our organic flax is soaked with dew, which means the slender flax stems are cut off and left in the field, where moisture and sunlight soften the woody stems. Other methods of retting include the use of chemicals or large amounts of water to separate the fibers from the stems. Our organic flax is grown in rotation with food crops such as wheat and canola oil. By purchasing organic linen clothing, we are also supporting the pesticide-free food chain.
Cotton is derived from the cotton plant and is an indispensable fiber because it consists of different lengths of material. It is also a soft and fluffy material that is woven into a durable fabric. Also, linen is a solid fabric derived from the flax plant. It is also a lightweight fabric that works best with dresses and shirts.
Cotton and linen fibers are sewn from pure cotton. This makes it less deformable, antistatic, and free from rolling and edge issues. Since they are natural, these fabrics are eco-friendly. It does not use any chemicals or pesticides. It is also free of other ingredients such as formaldehyde, azo and other heavy metal ions. Therefore, it passes various environmental-related requirements, such as the European Community Textile Community Standard. Breathable cotton and linen blend. This means it quickly absorbs sweat from the skin, giving the wearer a more comfortable and non-sticky feel. It's perfect for a close fit and can be worn in any season.Good breathability, good sweat absorption, is a breathable textile.
The warmth of this fabric helps the wearer get better sleep quality. As it produces more heat, it increases the body's microcirculation flow. It also regulates the nervous system, smoothes the meridians, and enhances people's sleep. This fabric is guaranteed to be skin-friendly. It has anti-itch properties and does not cause itchy or irritating skin. It also has the correct pH for the skin. That's why, in addition to being environmentally friendly, it also passes personal health requirements.