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100% Natural Fabric

Our fabrics are natural, It does not use any chemicals or pesticides. It is also free of other ingredients such as formaldehyde, azo and other heavy metal ions. Therefore, it passes various environmental-related requirements, such as the European Community Textile Community Standard. 

100% handmade soap bar

our design

Inspired by nature

Our minimalist design comes from nature, which is the most beautiful designer in the world and the place where all things grow. "Nature is always the best source of inspiration for us as designers. The fashion industry often draws inspiration from the magic of nature. We don't design clothes, we are just nature's porters."

our guarantee

stick to sustainable

Our materials are directly taken from nature, and the production process is strictly controlled, thereby greatly reducing the mailbox to the earth. We take 100% carbon neutrality as our goal,Our production team has established low-waste processes to create every garment by using recycled materials and knitting techniques. which is also our sustainable vision.

100% handmade soap bar

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How to clean

  • Linen will shrink, especially if you wash it in too hot a temperature (more than 30C is not recommended).
  • Most garments are machine washable, but thinner garments may require hand washing.
  • If you hand wash linens, use only gentle shaking motions - do not wring, twist or scrub the fabric.
  • Don't crowd the washing machine with too many items at once. This can distort or deform the linen fabric.

How to dry and store
We recommend that you hang your clothes on a hanger to dry as soon as possible after washing. Reshape and iron your clothes while they're wet -- both methods can reduce creases. If ironing is required, carefully press the creases and seams with the iron to avoid overheating, as this will burn the linen fibers.